Yoga Teacher True Stories – 8 Aspects A Good Teacher Should Advice You

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Yoga Teacher True Stories – 8 Aspects A Good Teacher Should Advice You


Yoga teacher true stories center on the things a good Yoga instructor should tell his or her students. In Yoga teacher training, you’ll hear stories of finding peace in meditation or losing weight just by practicing Yoga poses and proper breathing so it makes you want to try it out yourself and see what the fuss is all about. So you find the best Yoga teacher in town and psych yourself with all your high expectations about it, but don’t dive in to the Yoga fitness craze just yet. These Yoga teacher true stories can share with you the yes and nos in doing Yoga.


1. Don’t push yourself too hard

Unlike when you are doing sit-ups, running or pulling some weights in the gym, pushing yourself too hard is not the way to go withYoga. It will also make you more susceptible to injuries. Don’t imitate other people. Just because it looks easy for them, it doesn’t mean you have to lower your legs more or bend your hips further. Listen to your body. It will tell you and make you feel its limits. Do not be embarrassed to pause when you have to. Beating yourself up contradicts with Yoga’s philosophy of gaining and maintaining inner peace.


2. Weight loss is not the main goal but merely a welcome effect of Yoga

Most Yoga teacher true stories will probably include trying Yoga to lose weight as one of the primary reasons why people, particularly women, try it, but if you only have 15-20 minutes of your time to spare for exercise, doing Yoga poses will not maximize your fat-burning potential. In Yoga, weight loss is achieved in a slow and steady process unlike with some other exercise methods which focus on shedding pounds and burning calories.


3. The Bend and snap

You may only be doing poses and a variety of movements at a slow pace but Yoga teacher true stories will tell you that Yoga, as with all exercise methods, is not spared from risk of injury. Some Yoga poses done incorrectly and without proper guidance will strain your body which can lead to any kind of muscle and joint pains. It is advisable to consult your physician first before enrolling yourself in a Yoga class for Yoga is more beneficial to people at the peak of health than to people already suffering from osteoporosis and other conditions. Save yourself from exorbitant medical bills and see a physical therapist if you feel that you have neck or back problems, a case of arthritis, or a bad hip. Consult on what poses to avoid during any yoga teacher training and what poses will be beneficial for your condition.

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4. When and what to eat

All the twisting, bending, and turning may make you nauseous and uncomfortable on a heavy stomach. That’s why as with most exercise routines, it is recommended that you do not take anything heavy before Yoga. If you need an energy-boost pre-workout, eat light at least an hour before the program. You can have fruits such as an apple and pears which are rich in fiber and natural sugar, potassium-packed bananas which are good for the muscles, or an energy bar.


5. It’s not all easy-breezy

When you first started, you thought Yoga is just about doing several poses, and that’s why post-Yoga muscle pains surprised you. It was just like after your very first day at the gym.   If you are having trouble with a certain pose, tell your Yoga instructor right away so he or she can alter the pose in some way to make it easier for you. Don’t aspire to be a human pretzel after a few weeks of practice. Your body needs to be at ease before you move on to another Yoga position.


6. Be wary of proper breathing

Yes, Pranayama breathing in Yoga practice can also cause harm. It can cause your lungs to collapse if done incorrectly. Even though it’s just “breathing,” it is one of the things Yoga teacher true stories can teach you. Again, it is preferable if you consult your doctor first if you are suffering from heart or lung problems to avoid any serious injury.


7. Mat matters

Yoga teacher true stories can’t stress enough the importance of a good mat. It serves as a support and cushion during poses. A good yoga mat must be lightweight, provide good grip on the floor, and absorb sweat. Needless to say, all the sweating will make your Yoga mat a petri dish of all sorts of disease. So if you’re a novice, you should also ask your Yoga instructor for some recommendations.


8. Your Yoga instructor is not a psychiatrist

Aside from physical fitness, post-Yoga meditation helps release emotional stress. That’s why it is necessary for you to stay for the meditation part of the program. It serves as a completion of the whole process, but don’t just rely on Yoga for everything. Meditation exercise also motivates you to be the best version of yourself but it’s you who has to work on that once you get out of Yoga class. Go for a night out. Reward yourself. Breathe. Don’t be too hard on yourself all the time.

Yoga teacher true stories all attest that this is an exciting way to do exercise. It can build body strength without all the bulk and relax your mind while you focus on your breathing. Finding a good Yoga instructor is the first step; the rest is up to you. Good luck and Namaste.

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