Dear yoga enthusiast,

My name is Richee and I’m not any yogi master, swami, teacher but just a dedicated yoga student that has enriched his life through yoga.

My interest in Yoga deepens when I took a meditation retreat in India whereby Yoga was incorporated into the program. Through a consistent practice during the retreat, I seethe effect that it does to my overall being. Slowly, more coincidences present in my
life to lead me further to develop the passion to learn more insights from true and real yoga teachers all around the world. It opens my eyes even further after attending a Yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India.

This site is created as an offering…to all incredible teachers who have come before me, passing the ancient wisdom from their hearts to mine..to all open-hearted students who have received teachings from the different yoga teachers (from different experience and level) who have spend countless hours practicing their chosen yoga styles…to all students of yoga yet to come, who are searching in their hearts for a deeper meaning of existence.

If you are thinking of pursuing the path to be a yoga teacher or just curious to learn about how things unfold for them, then I hope this information will help you in one way or another. I’m sharing what I’ve learned and you may see for yourself whether the information resonates with you..


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